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Ghost Girl

One girl, two worlds, 17 ghosts:
What if an alienated 12-year-old girl could reinvent her family and then lead it into the future?

Ghost Girl is a contemporary middle-grade novel based on Celtic mythology.

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Come to Think of It

Sometimes you have a thought to share, a story to tell, a question to ponder. You want to think about it as you sit with a cup of coffee. You want to gather with friends, to come to think of it.

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All That Remains

Award-winning author Patti M. Walsh inspires and entertains with this collection about ordinary folks overcoming adversity.

From the brokenhearted to the buoyant, carefully crafted characters come alive in a variety of settings: mysterious Southern swamps, vast Western mountaintops, and the unexpected crevices in between.

“Patti sweeps you in,” says author G. P. Whelan.

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Cover photo by Patti M. Walsh
Cover design by Elizabeth Mackey

Swinging through Childhood

Edited by Akshay Sonthalia (2021), including “Unforgiven,” by Patti M. Walsh.

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Sixty of Florida’s top authors dive into the theme of footprints in the thirteenth volume of the Florida Writers Association’s Collection.

The anthology includes “The Pink Slippers,” by Patti M. Walsh.

Short stories, poetry, and short nonfiction are centered around the theme of Footprints. Nine youth pieces from authors aged 9 – 17 are also included in this volume.

The Unforgettables: A Poetry and Prose Anthology, Edited by Tom Davis, Old Mountain Press (April 2021): A poetry and prose anthology, including “Lady of the Misting Tent,” by Patti M. Walsh.

Smoky Mountain River Adventures, Edited by Tom Davis, Old Mountain Press (August 2020): A poetry and prose anthology, including “Smoky Anthems,” by Patti M. Walsh.

Webster’s Reading Room, Edited by Tom Davis, Old Mountain Press (2020): A poetry and prose anthology, including “First Word,” by Patti M. Walsh.

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