Ghost Girl Wins 2023 American Fiction Award as Best Children’s Fiction

LOS ANGELES—American Book Fest has announced the winners and finalists of the 2023 American Fiction Awards. Winners and finalists were announced in over 70 genre-specific categories for titles published in 2021-2023.

Ghost Girl by Patti M. Walsh won the Children’s Fiction genre. Published by Atmosphere Press in 2022, it topped a field of seven finalists.

Now in its 20th year, The Best Book Awards is one of the largest mainstream book award competitions in the United States.

American Book Fest Award Laureates include Kitty Kelly for Oprah: A Biography and Capturing Camelot; Julie Andrews Edwards for Home: A Memoir of My Early Years; Anne Geddes for Beginnings; Brad Thor for The First Commandment; Amy Tan for Saving Fish from Drowning; Sue Grafton for S is for Silence; Anne Lamott for Plan B: Further Thoughts on Faith; Carol Aebersold, Chanda Bell, and Christa Pitts for Elf on the Shelf; and other new and established authors.

In announcing the results of the Annual Fiction Award Program, American Book Fest President and CEO Jeffrey Keen thanked the authors, publishers, and other industry professionals who participated in the 2023 American Fiction Awards.

“American Book Fest is proud to announce the final results of our sixth Annual Fiction Award Program,” he said. “Congratulations to all of the winners and finalists for their much-deserved recognition.”

A complete list of the winners and finalists of the 2023 American Fiction Awards is available at American Book Fest.

American Book Fest is an online publication providing coverage for books from mainstream and independent publishers to the world online community. It has an active social media presence with over 132,000 current Facebook fans.

3 responses to “Ghost Girl Wins 2023 American Fiction Award as Best Children’s Fiction”

  1. Congratulations, Patti…..very well-deserved!

  2. Sharyn Longley Tufts Avatar
    Sharyn Longley Tufts

    YES you did it!!! So wonderful…
    Will we ever see a book of your photography with short stories?
    i am so happy for you

  3. I’m very proud of you, Pat!!!

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