Aurora Borealis

Alaska, March 2022

Morning, flying into Anchorage, Alaska
Chena Hot Springs
Enchanted Forest, Dalton Highway
Sun Dog, Enchanted Forest, Dalton Highway
Aurora Borealis, Aurora Husky Lodge, 35 miles west of Fairbanks
Patti M. Walsh (left) and Kathleen Yengst
Chena Lake

In addition to the northern lights, Kathleen Yengst and I experienced the thrill of a midnight dog mush; swam in the 106-degree Chena Hot Springs; hiked two miles to stand inside the Castner Glacier ice cave; visited Santa Claus at North Pole (not the North Pole), and embarked on an 18-hour excursion along the Dalton Highway, which included stops at the Enchanted Forest, the Yukon River, the Trans-Alaska Pipeline, and the Arctic Circle.

Dalton Highway is a 414-mile gravel road that parallels the Trans-Alaska Pipeline and was made famous by the History Channel show, “Ice Road Trucker.” It was built in from 1969 to 1974 to supply the construction of the pipeline.

Aurora Husky Lodge
Dog mushing on Chena Lake
Dalton Highway
Hamming it up at the Arctic Circle

Scenes along the Dalton Highway, which parallels the Trans-Alaska Pipeline and crosses the Yukon River.

Yukon River

From top left: The Enchanted Forest, Castner Glacier Ice Cave, North Pole, the Alaska Range (Denali on the left), and a Fairbanks sunset.