Pelican Pens Win Big at GCWA

Of the nine adult winners in the 2023 Gulf Coast Writers Association (GCWA) contest, three are members of the Pelican Pens Writers Group at Pelican Preserve. Accepting their prizes at the August 19 program were:

Photos by Daniel Pontius

Congratulations to GCWA 2023 Writing Contest Winners

1st — Brad Burt-Ft. Myers, FL/Ontario, Canada— But He Didn’t
2nd — Patti M. Walsh-Ft. Myers, FL — Ghosts of Clotheslines Past
3rd — Pauline Hayton-Naples, FL — Somewhere in England

1st — Pamela Pohlman-Ft. Myers, FL— A Picture of Hell
2nd — Patricia Sheehy-Estero, FL— Searching for Me
3rd — MaryLou Williams-Ft. Myers, FL — Audrey Hepburn and Me

1st — Sandy Dahlhofer-Lake Placid, FL— Snowflake
2nd — Amy Pontius-Ft. Myers, FL/East Fairfield, VT — Moon Dance
3rd — Grace Brendel-Cape Coral, FL — The Land Before This

1st —  Eric Zhu-West, Roxbury, MA— Right Hand Raised
2nd — Kurukulasuri ya Fernando-Ft. Myers, FL — Perfect Little Things
3rd — Stormi Thomas-Lake Mary, FL— Secret Miracles

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